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Notes before you start:

There a few traps on the way but if you follow the instructions as listed you should avoid any problems. These instructions are primarily for IOS devices and Apple TV but can be adapted to other devices. I am happy to answer questions by phone or email.

0419 563 672


Better viewing is only 8 steps away!

Step 1

You need to fool the internet nazis that your computer is not in Australia. This is easy. Just set up an account with a crowd like unblock us, change your DNS settings and they do not know where you are. It is a free trial and if you continue it only cost US$5 per month.

Click here to get started and then return for Step 2.

Step 2

Go back to Unblock-Us.com and follow the instructions to change the DNS Settings on your computer. MAKE SURE YOU NOTE OR TAKE A SCREEN SHOT OF YOUR ORIGINAL DNS SETTINGS.

You need to do this on your Mac or PC first so that you can access netflix.com to set up your account. If you do not do this step when you access netflix.com you get an apology saying that Netflix is not available in your country.

By setting up on your computer first you will also avoid itunes complications later in the setup process.

Step 3

Once you have setup your free trial with Unblock-Us and followed their instructions to change your DNS settings on the computer you are well on your way.

Setup a new email account or if you have one that is not associated with your existing Itunes account you can use that.


Step 4

Now give yourself a US address. This is easy just pick a Fedex freight address in a sales tax free state. If you are too lazy to search use this one in Alaska. Don’t worry too much nobody is going to send you a Christmas card.

3720 Faa Rd

Homer AK 99603

Ph: 800 463 3339


Step 5

Now it is time to set up your Netflix account.

Although in the first instance it is a free trial you are going to need your credit card details and a 5 digit zip code to sign up. Use the zip code from you Alaska address above along with your real name and credit card details. If your Australian credit card will not work contact me for a work around.

Goto Netflix.com and set up your free trial. You get one month free without obligation. After the free trial it costs US$7.99 per month to continue. I am sure you will want to continue.

Step 6

This step is optional. If you have come this far and want to continue with the services you have set up you will be committing to US$13 a month after the free trials.

However I reckon you will want Hulu Plus as well which will cost you another US$8.00 per month. But then you will be complete and have the works for US$21.00 a month which is heaps less than getting Foxtel or hiring movies.

If you wish to sign up with Hulu Plus you will need your credit card details and 5 digit zip code as used in the Netflix setup.

Click here for Hulu Plus.

Step 7

Now it is time to set up your US Itunes account. This is a trap for young players as the usual setup will not accept your Australian credit card. It will work out you are from Australia and tell you to go back home.

You will need your email address that you established in step 3 and your US postal address you established in step 4.

Plus give yourself any old first and last name.

Click here to get instructions how to get a US Itunes account without a credit card. It is very easy.

You should now have two Itunes accounts and you can switch between both. Remember to keep note of your usernames and passwords.

Step 8

You have now setup your:

Your Unblock-Us account.

New DNS settings on your computer.

Netflix account

Hulu Plus Account (optional)

US Itunes account

Now it is time to set up your Ipad or Iphone

Once set up on this/these devices you can watch on the device or airplay to a bigger screen.

Click here for the Iphone or Ipad setup instructions.

After you have changed the DNS settings logout of your Australian Itunes Account at: Settings/Itunes and App Store.

Login with your US Itunes address created in Step 7.

Go to the App store and download the Netflix and Hulu Plus Apps.

Login to them with your details created in steps 5 and 6. DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT IN ITUNES. It is important to login in as an existing user.

Now you should be streaming TV direct to your device. Airplay to you big screen if you wish. If you wish to setup Apple TV click here for instructions.

That should be it. Call me if you have any problems. 0419 563 672

Why pay over $120 a month for   the full Foxtel service? Get streaming TV direct from the US for as little as US$13 per month.

Its so easy.

Let me help you set up Netflix and Hulu Plus in Australia. Follow the instructions below and you will be set up in no time.

How to set up Netflix in Australia